India… Itho Itho..

Vanakkam to all, Folks, I’m in India now, just came yesterday. No much activities yet. But I want to keep this blog updated through out this tour. So keep tuned. Why…? Hey, you all must be thinking, ‘for what the hell you went to India?’.Of course there is now one single reason. Mainly its all… Continue reading India… Itho Itho..

The White Cane Wiz

This is about a different meeting I attended some time back, on the 15th of October 2006. The monthly general meeting of Lions Club of Colombo Circle (which is the parent club of my Leo club – Leo Club of Colombo Circle) was held at Hotel Western, Colombo 4. As it was the “World White… Continue reading The White Cane Wiz – A Ponzi-style fraud!

NEWS A Ponzi-style fraud that was masquerading as an Internet based outsourcing company, shut up shop Wednesday (25-10-2006), leaving thousands of Sri Lankans defrauded of millions of rupees. Two Indian nationals (we all know Indians are ever famous for their chit-cheat fund schemes) who were king pins of the scheme are now believed to have… Continue reading – A Ponzi-style fraud!

Advantages Unix-like OS over Windows for virus protection

We being the unfortunate from this part of the world, Sri Lankans; even though we are always very much keen in using a Genuine Windows, which Mr.Bill puts up at Microsoft Corp, USA, as he claims it is THE best and SECURE operating system in the world. But we still find it difficult to obtain… Continue reading Advantages Unix-like OS over Windows for virus protection

CS&ES AGM 2006 – Sponsors Video Clip

Its just 2 months after I have come to Computer Science and Engineering Department. And this is my first video clip I’m doing for the department alumni AGM, the CS&ES AGM 2006.