The 2013 Recap

2013 was an different year for me, with many new beginnings. This is me just recapping the past twelve months and contemplating what’s onset for the next.

Five years gone, I’m still here: Blogging

Photo by Michael Ruiz, available under a Creative Commons Attribution License

It’s almost five years when I started blogging (after few attempts here and there). And surprisingly I’m still doing it. The main reason it’s a surprise is, I don’t normally do things for so long. However, blogging has always evolved along the time. I don’t no more blog regularly, but this has been a private… Continue reading Five years gone, I’m still here: Blogging

Looking Back 2010

This year was a mix of some dull days and some bright days; reading and writing till late night and sleeping all day; traveling around for a week and staying at home for another; and that’s how life unfolds and that’s how we step into the unknown.

I forgot my birthday

Oops. This happens to me all the time with my friends. Even there were years when I’ve forgotten my birthday. I remember only a handful of my friends’ birthdays, if not for Facebook (and others services). So I thought I’d see if it’s just my problem or a common problem. It would make me feel… Continue reading I forgot my birthday