Shell – How to get surrounding lines of grep result?

Problem:I'm using grep to search for an error and want to display the surrounding lines also as they contain related information. How to do that? Solution:Using grep -C <# of lines to show above and below> <search> <file> The following prints the matched line, along with the 5 lines surrounding it. $ grep -C 5 […] 3.0.1 comes with Grammar Checking 3.0.1 is out by now and what make this release exciting for me is the new integrated Grammar Checking feature. 3.0.1 incrementally improves the grammar checking infrastructure via an API for a grammar checker in the Writer text editor. The previous version 3.0 allowed the LanguageTool extension to provide grammar checking, and version […]

WebSVN – Web-based Subversion Browser

I am working on my final year project (Project eID) these days, and I had to setup the SVN repository at our domain, and that worked fine, thanks to Dreamhost One-Click Subversion installation. But then I looked out for a web based Subversion repository browser so things could look a little more nicer and found WebSVN. is […]