[Tweet-size-Thoughts] Thoonga Nagaram – Music (Tamil-OST-2011)

Thoonga Nagaram Movie Poster

Thoonga Nagaram is an upcoming Tamil film, with a gangster theme based in Madurai which has been over exploited in many recent films. This is my short thoughts on the soundtrack album by Sundar C. Babu.

  1. Vaigai Siricha Thoonganagaram – A typical gana/kuththu track, works mainly for the powerful voice of Palghat Sriram.
  2. Koorana Parvaigal – Just passable as a melody, but the underlying beat is too distracting for the tune.
  3. Kalyanam Kalyanam (Remix) – An interesting and cleaver remix, that builds upon the original verse by Chandrababu non-destructively. This could become the next ‘standard song’ for Tamil weddings .
  4. Ettu Kangalukkum – Catchy lyrics and distinct voice of Madhu Balakrishnan makes this typical upbeat friendship anthem different.
  5. Nee Siricha Kondattam – Anther typical gana/kuththu song. Reminds songs from the 1990s.

Overall, it’s a fairly OK soundtrack with some nativity in Sundar C. Babu style.

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By Nimal

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