[Tweet-size Thoughts] Ko – Music (Tamil-OST-2011)

Ko (2011)

Ko (2011)

Ko is an upcoming Tamil film directed by K. V. Anand. This is my short thoughts after the first listen of the soundtrack by Harris Jayaraj.

  1. Ennamo Yeadho – A lovely tune with a fine flowing rap interlude. Interesting Madhan Karky lyrics. The hummable ‘Yeno kuviamilla’ phrase is going to stay for long. Sure to loop a lot in my player.
  2. Gala Gala – An ordinary sounding song, except for Sayanora Philip‘s voice and the starting MIAish Gala Gala chorus.
  3. Venpaniye – A typical Harris Jayaraj song, that sounds a lot like some of his previous songs with Bombay Jayashree.
  4. Aga Naga – Is it meant to be funny, at least Emcee Jesz‘s Tamil is funny. Sounds a lot like ‘a lot’, and too much is sometimes ‘too much’. It would be hard to give a genre to this.
  5. Netri Pottil – A nice short listen, with some not-so-filmy lyrics. Best next to Ennamo Yeadho in this album.
  6. Amali Thumali – An old school peppy tune, in a slightly new glass.

Overall the album, if not for Ennamo Yeadho, is just about/above average.

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