Some movies are different – The Circle and Or

I was(?) a ‘pirated’ movie fan until I came to Australia. I used get a constant supply of movies from my P2P downloads and friends. I also had time to watch movies, so it was possible to watch around 300 movies in 2 years paying nothing but for my internet.

When I came to Australia, things got different. I didn’t have a broadband connection, or friends who had the supply of movies. More than anything I didn’t have time (or I couldn’t find time) to watch movies. But recently I got a television (surprisingly from my supervisor) and I got to watch few movies.


The Circle

The Circle (2000) is an Iranian independent film by Jafar Panahi. It doesn’t have a single plot, but a collection of short stories that are connected and last story connects with the first one to make it a circle. It revolves around day-to-day challenges faced by Iranian women. I would say it’s not a very interesting movie, but it has some sort of liveliness and reality in its portrayal.


Or (My treasure) (2004)

Or (My Treasure) (2004) is a French-Israeli that portrays a teenager who struggles to be responsible for her prostitute mother. The storyline gives a raw look at prostitution and how some end up there. It has lots of nudity and sex, but it’s more like watching it from inside the characters. So again this is not for everyone, but if you like realistic movies it might be a good watch.

By Nimal

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