Movies I watched – October 2010

I had two submissions deadlines, one presentation and some more not so interesting but have to do tasks this month. Almost everything went well, but whats most interesting to me is I managed to watch 25 movies (plus another few) in November. I don’t think it was a waste of time, rather I feel this kept me going. So here goes the list.

  1. Gandhi (1982) English (9.5/10)
  2. Eclipse (2010) English (6/10)
    For a non Twilight fan, it’s just another fairly interesting movie.
  3. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (2009) Hindi (5.5/10)
    Fairly interesting, but irritating too.
  4. De Dana Dan (2009) Hindi (6/10)
    Comedy overdose, but enjoyable.
  5. Wanted (2009) Hindi (6.5/10)
    A remake (of Pokiri or Pokkiri), made right.
  6. Dabangg (2010) Hindi (7.5/10)
    Is it a serious spoof film? Enjoyed…! Feels like a Tamil/Telugu masala made in Hindi.
  7. My Name Is Khan (2010) Hindi (8.5/10)
    One of the strong films I have seen recently. Handles a very sensitive issue very well. Though the end might be little too dramatic, it’s indeed a wonderful movie as a whole.
  8. Udaan (2010) Hindi (9/10)
    This is not a normal Bollywood flick. An intense story narrated interestingly. A must watch.
  9. Love Aaj Kal (2009) Hindi (7/10)
    Love now and then. A pure love story.
  10. HouseFull (2010) Hindi (6.5/10)
    It is a remake of the Tami flick Kaathala Kaathala. The same story with a slightly different screenplay and some variations in some characters. It’s a good remake.
  11. Wake Up Sid (2009) Hindi (6.5/10)
    An interesting entertainer.
  12. Pyaar Impossible (2010) Hindi (5.5/10)
    Just barely interesting or entertaining. Rather an expensive mistake.
  13. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) Hindi (7/10)
    Good emotional musical drama.
  14. Chance Pe Dance (2010) Hindi (7/10)
    Good one, enjoyed.
  15. Milenge Milenge (2010) Hindi (5/10)
    Couldn’t sit through without excessive scrubbing. Reminded me of some old Tamil film.
  16. Varudu (2010) Telugu (4.5/10)
    Boring dialog filled stage drama of 60’s presented with some sloppy CG.
  17. Leader (2010) Telugu (7.5/10)
    An interesting Telugu film by Sekhar Kammula. It’s a lot like a Shankar film in the lines of Mudhalvan and Sivaji, yet nice.
  18. Maska (2009) Telugu (6/10)
    Interesting Entertainer.
  19. Rama Rama Krishna Krishna (2010) Telugu (7/10)
    Same old story, but not a bad presentation. Just another time-pass entertainer.
  20. Parugu (2008) Telugu (7/10)
    Simple storyline and a little dragging screenplay. Director Baskar deals with the same farther sentiment as in Bommelillu, but this time father-daughter. Comparatively less interesting, yet watched till the end.
  21. Darling (2010) Telugu (6/10)
    Just the second half is enough for the movie.
  22. Inkosari (2010) Telugu (5.5/10)
    A simple but good story spoiled with a bad screenplay and an even worse making.
  23. Ritu (2009) Malayalam (8/10)
    A movie on love, hatred, betrayal and intense emotions.
  24. Bale Pandiya (2010) Tamil (7/10)
    A Good Laugh.
  25. Inidhu Inidhu (2010) Tamil (7.5/10)
    Brings the same feel as Telugu ‘Happy Days‘.

By Nimal

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