Movies I watched – August/September 2010

Most of my friends would say I’m not a movie watching person, at least some of them would say so. Yet I have been watching a variety of movies in the last couple of months. The main reason for this would be my new 150GB broadband. One may be surprised that I have watched many movies in the recent months. But 12 movies in 2 months is not that much I guess.

  1. Remember Me (2010) English (6/10)
    A slow and boring start, then keeps interesting in the middle and ends with a final twist that sucks big time.
  2. Salt (2010) English (6/10)
    Some interesting, time pass stuff.
  3. Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam (2009) Telugu (8/10)
    A nice romantic comedy. Through there is nothing new or unique, its interesting till the end.
  4. I Hate Luv Storys (2010) Hindi (7/10)
    A feel good romantic comedy.
  5. Tere Bin Laden (2010) Urdu/Hindi (6.5/10)
    It’s funny, rather than comedy.
  6. Aisha (2010) Hindi (6/10)
    Boring overdose.
  7. Mr.Singh Mrs.Mehta (2010) Hindi (6.5/10)
    Good attempt on complex relationships. But they relied more on the naked woman than the integral emotions.
  8. Dancing Star (2009) Sinhalese (5.5/10)
    They have tried to make something interesting.
  9. Kalavani (2010) Tamil (7.5/10)
    An interesting comedy flick.
  10. Boss Engira Baskaran (2010) Tamil (8/10)
    Guaranteed laugh throughout.
  11. Madrasapattinam (2010) Tamil (9/10)
    A decent effort in recent Tamil movies. Good cinematography and presentation of Madras of the 1950’s.
  12. Paiyaa (2010) Tamil (7.5/10)
    An interesting entertainer.

By Nimal

I am a grounded nomad. I love a bit of art and science. #thappillai