Tweets and Results – A Post Exam Analysis – Part 2

I had a similar post sometime back, after the Level 4 Semester 1 Exams, when I twitted my in-time thoughts after each exam, and later posted an analysis on my thoughts with the results I got. This is just another similar post, but for the Level 4 Semester 2 Exams, which happens to be the final exam of my undergraduate course.
So nothing much here, just some crappy thoughts as always…

— EXAMS — Starts tomorrow….!
10:02 PM Feb 8th from web
The day before the first exam…

— EXAMS — I was expecting a hard paper for “Computer Vision”, but it was even ‘harder’….!!! 5 more to go…! Next on the 16th…!
5:40 AM Feb 10th from web
Computer Vision (B+)

— EXAMS — AdvCompArch, Better than Worse, Worser than Ok. Anyway done with it… Another 4 more to go…!!!
3:24 AM Feb 16th from web
Advanced Computer Architecture (A-)

— EXAMS — I was not prepared enough for Operational Research… The downwards trend in exams continues… For me…!!!
3:55 AM Feb 17th from web
Operational Research (A-)

— EXAMS — Tested my creative writing skills at MIS exam… 🙂
3:21 AM Feb 18th from web
Management Information Systems (A-)

— EXAMS — Done with 5 out of 6 exams…! No comments about today’s Advanced Algorithms…!!!
4:29 AM Feb 24th from web
Advanced Algorithms (B)

— EXAMS — End of another era for me… All my undergraduate exams are over with today’s “Professional Practice”…!!! 🙂
3:58 AM Feb 26th from web
Professional Practice (A)

So thats how everything ended…

By Nimal

I am a grounded nomad. I love a bit of art and science. #thappillai


  1. wow… nice analysis….. results dont tally with ur predictions ;)….

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