Smart Card (2005) – A Sci-Fi Short

Smart Card (2005) - A Sci-Fi Short

Ramanan pointed me to a short film Smart Card, produced and directed by James Oxford, is a science fiction film about the horrors of living with modern technology, where every transaction is done through one system, Smart Card.

Smart Card (2005) – Part 1 on YouTub

Smart Card (2005) – Part 2 on YouTube

I found this one interesting as I have been in a project for sometime where we are dealing with some smart card stuff. Smart Card is a smart film that will make you laugh, think, and then start to worry about the dangers of letting technology get the best of you. This well executed storyline has won many awards from various film festivals for Best Short Film, details here.

Thought I feel it is too dramatic to think this would happen in near future, I think we are little too much addicted to technology and there might be day when we start to go behind technology.

The full film can be downloaded from the Oxford Entertainment website, where you can get many more details about “Smart Card“. You can also download Smart Card directly from here.

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