3.0.1 comes with Grammar Checking 3.0.1 is out by now and what make this release exciting for me is the new integrated Grammar Checking feature. 3.0.1 incrementally improves the grammar checking infrastructure via an API for a grammar checker in the Writer text editor. The previous version 3.0 allowed the LanguageTool extension to provide grammar checking, and version 3.0.1 extends the spell checking dialog for grammar checking. The project’s Florian Effenberger describes the API as a way of integrating external grammar checking tools, and the Writer language dialog box was adapted to show the name (and available logo) of the integrated tool. In addition, the user dictionary now allows a maximum 30,000 entries (up from 2,000).

Also the developers fixed nearly 1000 issue and have added an army of new features and enhancements. downloads for diverse platforms and around 90 localizations are available here.

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