Changes do Suck…!

(This is not to blame anyone, but felt like warning others who do study for semester exams at last-minute, like me…! Expect the unexpected…!)

I don’t normally hate changes, but when they come in the last moments I do feel they suck. This time it’s really true with the changes in the Final Semester Exam timetables at my University.

My final year final semester started in the last week of October 2008 and we were given a draft timetable dated October 18, 2008. It was a one which had all subjects evenly distributed along the one month duration of exams in February 2009. Later “they” decided to make changes to it due to “reasons” and notified the changed timetable to us on January 20. Though it a really crap timetable according to my set of subjects, its ok coz there was another 3 weeks left for last time study planning and exam preparations.

Now they have changed it again, on January 29, but we got to know about that on February 4. I can understand that there might be “reasons for changes”, but I feel this is not the “time” to make changes to timetables, just 5-6 days before the exams. (Yes, it not a big change, yet I’m totally screwed up)

I’d like to quote on of my batch mate saying,

“… I’m wondering if we are gonna go to write for a paper and be told that we will be answering a different paper that day :)”

For those who prepare for exams throughout the semester this aint gonna be a problem, but for those who don’t this is gonna affect big time, and I’m one of those.

Lets Face It…!!!

By Nimal

I am a grounded nomad. I love a bit of art and science. #thappillai