WebSVN – Web-based Subversion Browser

I am working on my final year project (Project eID) these days, and I had to setup the SVN repository at our domain, and that worked fine, thanks to Dreamhost One-Click Subversion installation. But then I looked out for a web based Subversion repository browser so things could look a little more nicer and found WebSVN. is the easiest among other similar ones interms of ease of install and features. 

WebSVN is a web based Subversion browser written in the PHP programming language. It took less than 10 minutes to install. WebSVN supports templates, so I might want to port it to our own design if time permits.

I just installed it and I'll have to play around a little more with it to get a better picture on it, but as of now I like it and suggest it.

Just check out my installation at http://svn.project-eid.org/ 


By Nimal

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