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Jabbim client

Jabbim is a client for communication over XMPP/Jabber protocol, written in the Python language using Qt (4.3), PyQt (4.3) and Pyxl library, which is a part of the client. The aim of the Jabbim client is to make Jabber approachable for common people, so it is a client for common users and beginners. Because of this philosophy the Jabbim client might not suit everyone.[1]

Jabbim runs on Windows, and mostly all flavours of GNU/Linux. Its current stable version is 0.4.3 and it claim to provide the following in this version. So we cannot expect much from it but seems a clean one to try at least.

  • Working groupchat
  • Support for publishing of
    • user’s mood
    • user’s activity
    • the title of the currently played song
  • New plugins for
    • automatic updates
    • file folder sharing (EasyShare)
    • easy work with Jabbim disk (Jabbim Disk Manager)
    • Jabbim games
  • The possibility to download new emoticon (smiley) sets and new plugins
  • Direct access to user support from Help menu

[1: http://dev.jabbim.cz/jabbim/wiki/en/index]

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