Guide to (Business) Writing

In our daily lives, either at school or on the job, there exists the need for good written communication skills. We have all turned in a report at one time or another that wasn’t written as well as it could have been. This, unfortunately, sheds a negative light on us. There is something we can all do about it! Communication is a learned skill that we can all improve on. This business writing guide will be useful to business writers at any level. You should keep this guide and refer to often; especially when you are writing a paper for a professor or a letter to your boss.

The manual is broken into three sections. The first section deals with the document as a whole. This section addresses issues including the best format to use in certain situations, word choice, and document flow/logic & style tips. The second section deals with paragraphs, their structure and function. It addresses issues such as paragraph generalization and support, and transitions. The third section of this guide will deal with the individual sentence structure. This includes writing a complete sentence, wordiness, and punctuation. This section finally touches on the active/passive word use. The appendixes to this guide contains examples of document format, including a business letter, a memo, and an e-mail, commonly misused words, a chart on the writing process, and a reading resource list.

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