Movies I watched – July 2007

First of all this is not a movie review or comparison of of that sort. I just wanted to write something about some of the movies I watched during the month of July, 2007. If you are interested in knowing more about these movies, just check on Wikipedia or IMDB or just Google.

This list is only of the films that I watched on DVDs and downloads, and does not include those I watched on television.
  1. Hostel (2005) :
    Three backpackers are in Amsterdam where they get locked out of their youth hostel. They are invited into a man’s house where he tells them of a hostel somewhere in eastern Europe where the women are all incredibly hot and have a taste for American men. When they get there, everything is too good to be true.
    Make no mistake about it, this is a violent, sick, and gory flick. I haven’t seen this type of extreme violence before. This is a film that will shock you, and remain in your heads well after the film is over. I would only recommend this if you have an open mind, it’s not for the faint of heart.
    (Watched on: 02/07/2007 – Xvid/DVDRip)

  2. Hostel 2 (2007) :
    The sequel of the 2005 movie Hostel, and here we have three American girls who are the target of this blood hound club’s addiction to torture and death. Two brothers are in this together, one isn’t quite sure if he could do it, one is psyched out. One of the girls is a bit naive, one is a total slut, and one is the calm and collected one. But when they are taken by the same people as in the first film falling into the same trap, they soon realize the massive trouble they’re in. But I think one of the girls has heard the term “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” a little too much when she realizes what she’s in for. I would only recommend this for fans of the first Hostel, or if you have an open mind, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s very gory and very disturbing, but it’s a great horror flick with a great ending!
    (Watched on: 08/07/2007 – KvCD/DVDRip)

  3. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom (2007 – Hindi) :
    The film begins at Waterloo station in London, two strangers, Rikki Thukral and Alvira Khan, wait for their respective fiancés. The two share a table in a cafe together and to kill the time they talk about how they met their partners-to-be. As Rikki and Alvira talk they begin to enjoy each other’s company and their different backgrounds cease to matter. They exchange numbers and go to meet their partners. However, it is then revealed that they had not gone to meet their respective partners. As they leave the station separately, they realize they are in love, but believe their love is unrequited, each of the other.
    (Watched on: 09/07/2007 – Xvid/CAM)

  4. Reno 911!: Miami (2007) :
    A rag-tag team of Reno cops are called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break. Based on the Comedy Central series. But I rarely could understand anything, and thought there is nothing in it, may be I couldn’t understand(?). I would recommend you never to watch this, because no laughter, no no chicks nothing. If you get a DVD or any just breaking it and putting in a garbage bag is highly recommended.
    (Watched on: 11/07/2007 – Xvid/DVDRip)

  5. Sivaji – The Boss (2007 – Tamil) :
    A software engineer returns to India to invest all his money in service for his country, where he encounters several obstacles from jealous politicians who vie his growth and rising popularity. A typical Rajini movie, and every normal man’s dream to climb to the top ‘just by singing a song’. It is also Shankar movie, and you will see that when you realize how is spent (I could even see in my camera copy). Indians are becoming better in CG and VFX. You should watch at theatre if you are a Rajini fan or Shankar fan, or watch on a cam copy and wait for the DVDs to come.
    (Watched on: 12/07/2007 – MPEG/CAM)
  6. Transformers (2007) :
    This movie is ‘action’. But I still see a romantic plot in(?). Specially I love the parts when Autobot Bumblebee. Bumblebee defends Sam and his girlfriend Mikaela Banes from the Decepticon Barricade, before the other Autobots arrive on Earth. Seeing autobots and decepticons in glorious photo-realistic CGI is fabulous. Watching these robots move is to realize a revelation to what is possible with modern movie effects and these effects have a sense of weight that adds so much to the visual satisfaction.
    (Watched on: 15/07/2007 – KvCD/DVDRip)

  7. The Hot Chick (2002) :
    A mean spirited, popular and beautiful teenager, switches bodies with gas station robber one night and wakes up the next morning in his body. Freaked out, she must get her best friend April and two friends Lulu and Keecia to help her figure out what caused this and attempts to fix it while trying to get her boyfriend to believe its her. A movie to watch when you want to have some nice time laughing. And not to miss the hot chicks…!
    (Watched on: 28/07/2007 – XviD/DVDRip)

  8. A Guy Thing (2003):
    The movie is a romantic comedy, with the tag line Boy meets girl. Boy meets girl’s cousin. When a man(Paul) wakes up the morning after his bachelor party in bed with a strange woman(Becky) he presumes he must have cheated on his fiancée(Karen). However, it seems they never slept together. Normally they would never see each other again, but she turns up once or twice even before Paul learns that she is Karen’s cousin. Because Becky’s cop ex-boyfriend had Becky followed and photographed, Becky and Paul have to meet again to solve this problem.And its a great fun story for me to watch, and I enjoyed watching it all. Specially for the lovely Julia Stiles(Becky). Though it a bit older movie if you get a chance to watch, you will have a nice time, I hope.
    (Watched on: 31/07/2007 – XviD/DVDRip)

So I’m done with July, and I’m one less than the last month. Its because I had no time for movies as I had many mid-semester exams and project reports. And I think this is going to continue next month as well, but I’ll update with whatever I watch…

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