Install Cups-PDF on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn

I thought of sharing this here as it might be useful at least to me some other day. 🙂

What I wanted to do?

Print as PDF, thus Install a PDF Printer

What I installed?



Its very simple than for the earlier versions of Ubuntu, where we had to set permissions and all.
Just follow these steps:
  • sudo apt-get install cups-pdf
  • System -> Administration -> Printing
  • Double click "New Pinter"
  • There is now a "PDF Printer" detected, select it
  • Select the Generic, postscript-color
  • Give it a name, like PDF Printer
  • Right click on the newly created printer, and select Properties
  • Click "Print a Test Page"
  • The file should be in your Home folder, under the PDF folder

Its just simple as that… And worked for me fine…
If something wrong in what I have said, just correct me by dropping in a comment.

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