Industrial Training – Its gonna start


The exams were over… and another one useful/less week has gone passed, Now its time for the show time…!

Yes… Its our Undergraduate Industrial Training! (Personally I don't prefer this work, but they call it officially so…) It will be this for the next 6 months or so for all of us and I hope we get good things as expected 🙂

And I'll have to report to Mr. Dilum Kumarasinghe, General Manager, Wavenet (Pvt) Ltd at 9.00am. I haven't been to that place before as I was not called over for an interview, but I hope thing will be better than I could expect… 🙂 Anyway I thought of sleeping early today and getting up early, which I haven't done for sometime. So let me stop here. Peace…!

(Also keep looking at this space for more updates on this)

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By Nimal

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