India… Day9… Old Friends…

Hi all,

Today we thought of cooking lunch at room and Kishan had already talked to Shibthosh, who cooks very well. Also Atchuthan had told last night that he’ll come to Kishan’s room today to meet me. Around 8.00am Atchu called and told that he is in Hebbal bus halt and wanted Kishan to come there to pick him. But as Kicha had to go to buy stuff for lunch, I went to Hebbal to bring Atchu.

Talking about Atchu, he is the only Sri Lankan guy whom I met in India, who has not lost weight, but gained. It took around 20mins to walk from Hebbal to Kishan’s room. At Kicha’s room we were talking and Vimal also came there after a while. Kicha bought some biscuits and ‘Thums Up‘, which is a bit stronger cola drink. We talked a lot, from life in Bangalore, food, entertainment, Sri Lankan politics and much more about our friends and batchmates.

Shibthosh and Hithesh came to Kicha’s room at around 10.30am and started cooking lunch. They planed to cook rice and chicken curry and also a dahl curry for Vimal, who is a vegetation. I helped in cutting onions and cleaning. Shibthosh is a great cook, I’ll say he does that with style and difference. Also he did everything very fast and finished cooking at around 12noon. We all had lunch with the two guys at Kicha’s room. The food was superb, and everyone ate more that what what they will eat normally. Atchu at the top as usually :-).

After lunch Shibthosh went back to his room. We spent the rest of the evening talking at Kicha’s room. We also watched some movies, but didn’t watch anything fully. We thought of going out but all of were lazy and decided to stay back at room. Atchu called Sivaram and told him to come to the room with Shukri to meet me, and he said he shall come around 5.30pm. So in the mean time I had a bath and washed cloths. Kicha went out for some place and came back around 6.00pm.

Sivaram and Shukri were not there till 6.00pm, so we thought of going to M.G.Road, and called Sivaram to confirm, but he said they will be coming for sure, and they came in Shukri’s bike at around 7.00pm. We had a good time talking about everything and anything. Shukri is still the same silent person, but only it comes about Kicha he starts talking a lot. Sivaram is called the politician of Bangalore representing Sri Lankan Tamils. The left the place around 7.45pm and I told them I’ll be visiting them before I leave from Bangalore.

After Shukri and Sivaram went, I thought of going to Vimal’s room and staying the night there. Atchu told that he also need to be at college tomorrow morning so he can’t stay here. Kicha said he had to go to dinner, so we all went to out together. I took mu laptop so, we first went to Vimal’s room and kept the laptop there and came back to a vegetarian hotel there for dinner. I had ‘onion dosa‘ and Vimal had ‘set dosa’. We also had some snack after dinner, but I didn’t remember that name. After having dinner we came back to Vimal’s room and I typed these on my laptop, while he did some college work. After that we had a long chat about our ‘life’ and slept very(!) late.

Though today is only eating and talking, it is good meeting friend after a long time…

By Nimal

I am a grounded nomad. I love a bit of art and science. #thappillai

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