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Leos and friends,

Today is the Tamil-Sinhala New Year in Sri Lanka, and here they have the Bengali New year also on this same day. I’m very happy that I could involve myself in a very good activity today. Leo Club of Hebbal, is the Leo Club I had planed to meet during my visit to Bangalore. Today thay organized a full day outing with some kids from ‘Nivedita Vidya Peetha’. President of Leo Club of Hebbal Leo Pramod invited me to join the event and Kishan and Vimal accompanied me. We joined the Hebbal Leos near Fun World at 10.00am, and from there went to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore.

Leo Pramod introduced myself to all his BODs and Leos. There was a small science park in front of the planetarium where the toys or play things are all theories we studied in Physics. It is a very good opportunity for the kids to get to learn about all these stuff in practical. Then there was a half an hour show at the planetarium at 11.00am which was indeed in the Kannada language, but I was able to grab most of the important points. And this is the first time I had ever been to a planetarium though I had all my middle and high school very next to a planetarium.

After that we went to the Cubbon Park at around 12noon, which is somewhere near the M.G.Road. It is one of the oldest parks in Bangalore and is very famous for is flowers and trees. The park has several elegant Graeco-colonial style buildings. First kids were taken to the aquarium, which has an exotic collection of fishes. Then the Hebbal Leos had arranged lunch for all and we had the lunch with the kids and all Leos. In the mean time I got to meet Lions District Governor of Bangalore and had a chat with him for a while. He shared some of his experiences and views about Leos. I also presented a note of appreciation baring our club logo to him.

Just after lunch at around 2.00pm Kishan and Vimal left from there as they had some work at college and I stayed with the Hebbal Leos. The kids were taken to the giant pendulum and other park activities which all of them enjoyed very much. Some of them got the chance to dance and sing and all of us had a very nice time there. Just before leaving at 4.30pm all were given fresh watermelon juice. We took photos with all Leos and I presented the president of Leo Club of Hebbal with the note of appreciation and bulletins of our club.

Finally I joined the few who came back to the children’s home at around 5.00pm and there the kids were served samosas, and they also presented the Leos with a small hand made monument. From there I came to Hebbal with Pramod and from there had to walk to Kishan’s place at 6.00pm.

Later in the day we had dinner at a Kavitha Mess, where they serve Kerala food. Later we went to the rooms of Shibthosh who is a Bangaladesh guy and Vimal and we came back home around 10.30pm. Today it is not about much places but about much more activities. Though this is the first ever project for the very new Leo Club of Hebbal, they had planed and executed in a great manner. Being a club of all working guys, they proved them selves in they first ever project itself. I wish all the Leos of Leo Club of Hebbal for a very good future, and guys make your banner dirty with ‘banner patches’ 😉

By Nimal

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