India… Day7… Mall Mania…

Back again,

I arrived in Bangalore at around 6am, but the bus stand it stopped was not the usual one. Kishan called me and asked me to come to the platform no 25. But there was no local bus stand at that place, which I got to know is Kalasipalayam(or a similar name). It took around half an hour to convince Kishan that I’m in a different place. Then took a trishow to the Majestic Bus Stand, which is a big local bus stand met Kishan there. We took a local bus from there to Herbal and then walk down to Chola Nagar, where he is living. His house is in a flats which is also near his college, Archarya College. We reached his house around 7.30am. He lives there with two other Sri Lankans from the same college.

I took a bath and had a coffee. Kishan called other friends and informed of my arrival. Later I had a small nap till he went to college to submit some forms. Around 12 Vimal came with another Tamil guy and we talked for a while and decided on some programs for tomorrow. After that me and Kishan decided to go to ‘The Forum’ which is a shopping mall here.

Here I want to mention some thing about Bangalore. Here there are many lady bus conductors, which is a null occurrence in Sri Lanka. Also in the Bangalore city buses there is a special pass which is issued for INR25, that can be used for a whole day on any city bus. We got in to a bus to Sivagi Nagar and got passes. From Sivagi Nagar we got another bus and went to ‘The Forum’.

‘The Forum’ is a big shopping mall with lots of shops and well known restaurants. We spent some time walking around it and taking some snaps. I got to know this is a famous hang out for guys and gals, specially in weekends. Appart from the shops there is a big cinema complex on the top floors with around 17 theaters. We had lunch at Pizza Hut and spent some more time there window shopping. I bought a set of socks at a ‘West Side’ which is indeed belong to the ‘Land Mark’ outlet chains.

Kishan said we could go to M.G.Road, and we took a trishow and came down to Biged Road. Garuda Mall was our first stop and we didn’t spend much time there. It is just another shopping mall with some of the big shops and restaurants. There is a ‘Inox’ theater at Garuda mall, which is also there in City Center, Chennai. From there we walked to Bangalore Central and were around there for a while. We walked along M.G Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road) and came to Gamgaram Book Shop, which is a very big book shop in Bangalore, but I didn’t buy any books. Our walk continued through Commercial Street and ended at Sivagi Nagar bus stand.

We had to wait for some time till the bus to arrived R.T.Nagar. It was full in few minutes and the journey was tiring and it took a long time due to heavy traffic. We got down at R.T.Nagar and had our dinner there. Then waited for a while as Leo Pramod was coming to meet me there. But unfortunately he got stuck in to the traffic and he wanted me to join a project which is on tomorrow. So we came to Chila Nagar walking through all the shortcuts from there and spent some time checking mail at a net cafe next to Archarya College. From there we came back to the room. I washed some clothes and typed in these stuff, while Kishan is sleeping. At this moment it is 12.29am on 14th April 2007. So I just wish you all guys a Happy New Year, though you might be reading it on a later day.

By Nimal

I am a grounded nomad. I love a bit of art and science. #thappillai