India… Day4,5&6… Laptop only…

Yov Folks,

I’m gonna write about the last three day together, because there was not much happening. Most of the time I was at the room and doing nothing or sleeping. You might think why should I go to India if I’m just sleeping, but it happened that way. What to do…?


I got up a bit late. There was no proper plan to go out to do anything. So I thought why not buy the laptop today. I had already collected some quotations for a laptop yesterday and Praiyalan said he can come with me and bargain a bit. He got up around lunch time, and we decided to go for lunch and then go for buying the laptop.

We went to a shop in Besent Nagar, which is indeed a one for Kerala foods. But as it was very crowded we went to a nearby vegetarian place, unfortunately it was also full. So we had to eat at that place in the ‘kai endi bavan’ style, that is to eating in standing. I had ‘thayir sadam’ which was good. There were many people who come there and eat in this way and there were even many shops like this in this city.

Buying the Laptop…
After having the lunch Prai took me to a computer shop near Besent Nagar bus termination. I had already decided on the Compaq Presario V6211 laptop, and the last price offered at that place was INR42,500, for which the authorized dealer quoted INR43,000. We wanted to check prices in some other places as well so we decided to go to Riche Street and check for prices. In the meantime I had to change all my USDs to INRs so that I could pay for the laptop. So we went to another place which is a little far from the bus termination where there is a money changer. After asking the price of USD from there we got a 23C bus and went to Riche street.

Riche Street is the Chennai version of the first cross street in Colombo, with all sorts of electronic shops and computer accessories shops. We went to a shop which is a bit bigger. There were no laptops kept for display, and we asked hip whether they have the model I wanted. They said they have and offered the last price of INR42,000 after ‘talking and talking’. It was a shop of Hindi people and they even arranged me for the money change and I paid the rest with my Electron card. We had to wait there for a while there till the system arrived there. We got the laptop after one hour of waiting. It was all packed and we had a first run there and it was working fine and after some initial setups we packed everything in the laptop bag.

My Laptop…
As I mention earlier it is a Compaq Presario V6211AU model, with AMD TurionX2 processor. There is a 512MB RAM and 120GB HDD. It is a nice one for me and I’ll write a separate post about it in future.


Again another blank day in terms of going around. I stayed all day at room and was on my laptop browsing the Internet and sleeping. I thought of going to Bangalore tomorrow as Kishan wanted me to be there on Friday. So I wanted to go out and book the tickets, but Anbu said he is going out and he shall book the tickets for me and he did that for me. I got the tickets for tomorrow night.

We had dinner at a fast food shop in Besent Nagar, which is at the one end of beach road. I had a double burger, but it is too much for me, but its nice. While having dinner appa called me and wanted me to call home. So I called home from there and talked to amma and thanga.

Later we went to Varasaravakkam, to meet a friend of Arun. We didn’t stay there much time and came back, but the journey took more time on both ways. We went on a trishow and came back on a call taxi. When we came home it was around 12midnight, and I started browsing again and continuted till early morning.


As I slept only in the morning after the continuous browsing last night, I could only get up around 10.30am. At that time Anbu and Prem had gone to college and Saie was just going out. Gopi was awakened and he was browsing out there. So I took another laptop and started browsing. Till around 12.30pm we continued browsing and Gopi said he was feeling very hungry and I too felt the same. So we asked Prai and Arun to get up and come for lunch, but they said they are not going to come. Thus Gopi and myself took a bike from there and came out for lunch. As both of us didn’t know much places there we went to the ‘Ponnusamy Hotel’ in Vannanthurai and had a very heavy lunch. I came back home and was around there sleeping and browsing till 6pm.

Then I went with Prai to Adayar Cotton house and bought two t-shirts. After coming to the room we had less time to go for dinner so the guys at the room took me to Adayar, where I had to catch the bus to Bangalore which was booked yesterday. While waiting for the bus I had a light dinner at a nearby vegetarian hotel. The bus came around 9.45pm and I got in to the bus and settled down. It was a Volvo air conditioned bus, with airbus like seats. From there the bus went to Koyampedu bus stand and waited there for some time to take passengers. There were not much passengers in the bus and it was not full. Bus started the journey around 11pm, and I fell a sleep sooner.

By Nimal

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