India… Day11… Bhoopasandra…

Neenu yaake bandhe?

Ok, ok… As I slept too late, I got up too late. Kicha had to go to college, and he gave some more pictures to draw and went to college. He came back with Vimal at around 11.30am. We went to lunch at Andra Mess, but it was full. Kicha went to another place, while I stayed with Vimal there for some time and had our lunch there. After lunch Vimal went to college and I went to Kicha’s room and slept.

At around 4.30pm I got up, and Kicha was there. We tought of going somewhere out and i thought of going to Sivaram’s place and meeting the guys there. So we called them and and came out of the house. When we came down it started to rain, so we got an auto-rickshaw and went to Bhoopasandra. Sivaram was not at his room and another two Tamil guys were there. He came after some time and took us around Brindavan College and showed all the places. It is a small building but seems beautiful.

Then we came back to Sivaram’s house and browsed Internet for a while. Shukri came after some time and I went with him to a travel agent there to book a Bangalore city tour, but Vimal called me and told about ‘some other program’ and we came back without booking. I met Azeem and Suman, two guys who studied at Royal, and who are now studying there. I went to Azeems room and he bought me milk and talked with him for awhile.

After that we went to Shukri’s room. He is living in a small room at a top floor and he had a small kitchen, TV, fish tank and all in it. We stayed there for sometime and came down for dinner at a nearby hotel. After dinner came triples on Shukri’s bike to Hebbal Flyover. From there walked to Kicha’s room.

I had some important matters to discuss with Vimal, so went to Kicha’s room and too my laptop and come back to Vimal’s room. Vimal lives in a similar place like Shukri, in a top floor of a house. But for him the place is bit bigger and it is separated into three as hall/study area, bedroom and kitchen. Again today we talked ‘a lot’ and we slept ‘very late’.

By Nimal

I am a grounded nomad. I love a bit of art and science. #thappillai


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