Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is a website with simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras. This site is dedicated purely with ‘how to’ tips for digital photography.

If you are an advanced digital camera user you might find some of what is written on this site a little basic, but it’s the new to semi experienced digital camera owner (like me) this site is really really useful and informative.

This ‘School’ is not a formal one by any means. There are no classes, no teachers, no exams – rather it’s a learning environment where they write articles and we read, and in the forum where sharing what we’re learning by showing our photos and ask and answer each other questions.

Additional information is this site is by Darren Rowse and who is the guy behind Digital Photography Blog, a site dedicated to digital camera news and reviews. I think this second site will also be very useful to you, when you are up to buying a digital camera.

I hope you enjoy Digital Photography School and Digital Photography Blog.

By Nimal

I am a grounded nomad. I love a bit of art and science. #thappillai